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What — please tell me — is a HENRY? The catchy term stands for "High Earners, Not Rich Yet." It was introduced by Fortune Magazine back in 2003 and, in my experience, its optimistic vibe really resonates with people. We may even know a HENRY, recognize ourselves as one or are happy to report we are former HENRYs on our way to a better financial future.

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Childhood Money Baggage: The secret to better money management is understanding your money scripts

Think back to your childhood for a moment . . . what is your very first memory involving money? The tooth fairy? Working for an allowance? Your parents arguing about it? My own money memories involve extreme couponing and the lure of forbidden fast food cheese. . . (more on that later). All of which went on to embed a money vigilance script in my mind that would affect the rest of my financial life.

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Mom Doesn’t Want Her Children to Fight Over the Red Tricycle—Advice for the Peacekeeping During Inheritance Talks

She’s elegant. She’s wise. She’s Queen Elizabeth mixed with a hint of Princess Margaret’s fun. She has everything she ever wanted and is past the point of wanting more. She wants to leave her substantial wealth to her adult children. They get along now, but she wants to ensure that after she is gone that the kids will not fight over the red tricycle.

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Life Cycle of a WIG (Wealthy Independent Gal)

As predictable as the seasons of the year, so are the seasons of a WIG – a Wealthy Independent Gal. At Well Lived Wealth, our clients tell us this common story of their life with all too frequent regularity. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this tale of woe and redemption... Do you recognize yourself in any of these stages? Behold, the life cycle of the WIG.

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Female Breadwinners: When you are both Mother Goose and the Golden Goose

As the breadwinner and woman of the family, you’ve got a lot on your plate – from major work decisions to what’s for dinner. You’re the meal ticket, in more ways than one. Your family depends on you for financial security, and that brings unique challenges and responsibility.

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Income Creation

Face it, we all have fears that seep into our daily routine, or our nightly reverie, and most of them involve money. Here we are at the pinnacle of our life’s ambition, perfectly coiffed, kicking butt and taking names at work, at parenting, at yoga — and then we wake up in a cold sweat and panicked. The most important thing you can do right now is make sure you have a smart, resourceful, detailed and up to date financial plan for your future. Let’s walk through the basics of income creation, shall we?

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Out of Control: The Savvy Gal’s Guide to Financial Security

Can anyone really be in control of anything- especially our future…Taking control of your financial future does require a bit of effort and time. However, either on your own or, with a financial advisor and an estate attorney, you will see that adding some discipline around how you think about and review your finances will alter how you feel about your level of control.

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Location, Location, Location

In real estate, there is the saying: “location, location, location.” We believe that the importance of location also holds true for the link between your investments and their tax nature. If you are younger than 55 and making more than $200,000 (single) and over $400,000 (married), this advice pertains to you.

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Why Are You Still Worried About Your Money?

You’ve been diligent and smart, working with your financial advisor for years, preparing for what you know are life’s ups and downs. But these are uncertain times and things are different. Your money is safe, but something is keeping you up at night. You know you are in a good financial place – but still, you worry. We want you to know that we have your back and are working to help you make sure you, your money, and your legacy can be satiated. Here’s what we have done and could do to protect your money, put safeguards in place, make sure you and your family are reassured for the long term.

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Do you have a lot of money, but stay up nights worrying it will disappear?

After working with, and knowing personally so many affluent people over the years, I have come to recognize a common secret among this group — particularly women: Despite having far more money than the average person in their community, much less the world, they are terrified that it will all disappear.

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“I’m overwhelmed trying to pick a financial advisor I trust”

It is an unfortunate reality that in marriages, women often leave the financial management to their husbands. One recent Prudential survey found that just a quarter of married women took charge of their family’s financial planning.

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Can affluent moms give their children all the privileges of their money, without raising spoiled brats?

Admit it: Sometimes it is tempting to toss money at a parenting challenge to make it go away. Sick of yelling at the kids to do chores? A cleaning service is not hard to find, and easily affordable. Tired of nagging your teen to earn her own spending money? It’s tempting to just hand over your credit card for school shopping.

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Can high-net-worth single women find love?

Recently a client, Susan, sat in my office, bewildered. She’d been divorced for five years, and built an incredibly successful business, and loves the family she built with her two tween daughters. She’s upbeat, fun to be around, can talk about world affairs and sports — and happens to be stunningly beautiful.

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Are you a brilliant business woman — but not-so-smart with money?

One of my passions is talking about business with other successful female entrepreneurs and executives. I love their creativity, passion and the hard work required to succeed in building a business from the ground-up, or running a corporation with vast responsibilities to employees, shareholders and customers. Being a female entrepreneur myself, I find I really connect with these women on many professional and personal levels.

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