Ideal Client

Ideal Client

We have unique expertise to help affluent women navigate their fears, goals and joys when it comes to their money.

Who is the Ideal Well Lived Wealth Client?

The ideal Well Lived Wealth client is someone ready to improve their financial future. Our clients are ready to embark on their journey and want a financial advisor to make it easier.

We work with people willing to reveal their most personal financial secrets, secrets we do not judge, in order to plan their financial future. This planning includes those at the top of their game in their career to those experiencing the difficult seasons of life – job loss, long-term illness, divorce, death – in order to be prepared for the inevitability. These things happen to everyone but the difference in many people is their preparation for those events.

While we work with a variety of clients we do have a focus:

HENRY (High Earner, Not Rich Yet)

Who is a HENRY? These high earners who are not rich yet are all ages and acutely vulnerable to financial risks.


WIG (Wealthy Independent Gal)

A WIG is a single, married, widowed or divorced woman who has created financial independence and wealth for herself.



Divorce is a season of life many go through but that knowledge does nothing to lessen the impact. Molly Ward is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® who will work with attorneys to provide financial guidance to best help her client. Read more about Molly and her work here.



  • Dog and Bird Lovers - Some even let their dog sit shotgun with the window down, ears flapping in the wind.
  • Optimistic and realistic lovers of the world with faith in the future.
  • People who want to plan with their life savings.
  • People who love their children and want to protect their future.
  • People who enjoy chips and guac on a patio.
  • People who believe most of all publicly traded companies will continue to earn profits.
  • People who understand speculative investing is speculation not opportunity.
  • People who believe in saving no matter their income level.
  • People who have patience during the events of the moment.
  • People who understand there is no stock market crystal ball.
  • People who understand risk – the risk of purchasing power eroding and the risk of a difficult season.
  • People who follow the Girls Scouts’ motto of “Be Prepared”.
  • Patient, disciplined investors.
  • People who want to get rich the old-fashioned way - by saving and living on less than they earn.
  • People who save and cover their risks so they can be truly free of financial worry.
  • People who have discipline with temptations of the “next hot thing”.
  • People who want to invest in what has always worked (high quality stocks).
  • People with healthy relationships with those closest to them - family, friends and self. The five people you chose to surround yourself with (including yourself and your spiritual source) are the most influential.
  • People who value planning, long term historical perspective of the stock market, behavioral coaching in rough market times.
  • People who seek out adventure.
  • People who love and connect with nature.


  • All Hat, No Cattle people = Big talk, No Action
  • People who don’t want to follow a plan with their life savings but rather react to the day’s current headline
  • Market timers - Market timing has proven not to work for several reasons and a big one is emotions; news of the world won’t really ever get better and bad news can always be found.

To start your journey with Well Lived Wealth, take our Moneytudes quiz and learn more about your money beliefs. This will prepare you for a meeting with our advisors.

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