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  • How to prepare for a divorce: An ultimate guide for the entire process Molly Ward gives financial advice when the divorce process starts.
  • GoBankingRates, Yahoo and AOL: The Worst Assets To Inherit and How To Address Them Before It’s Too Late Molly Ward chimes in on the importance of keeping the family harmony with the help of a timely will.
  • Success Magazine : How to Start Your Mornings Right Molly discusses her morning practices and how it sets her workday
  • Worth Magazine :The Investment Gap From pay disparity to finding the right financial advisor, women face distinctive challenges when it comes to maintaining and building wealth. And sometimes the biggest hurdle is internal. So what’s a woman to do? Start planning.
  • Financial Advisor Magazine : Advisor Sees 'Fatal Mistakes' Women Have Made With Finances Some women are paralyzed when it comes to dealing with their money, according to Molly Ward, a financial advisor who serves on the Elite Producer Group board at Equitable Advisors. The fear of dealing with their finances can make women, and even some men, make fatal financial mistakes, said Ward, who has built her Houston-based practice around helping high-net-worth women fulfill their financial potential.
  • Money Magazine :How to Wean Your Adult Children Off the Bank of Mom and Dad If you’ve been lending a financial hand to your adult kids — from covering to their car insurance or cell phone bills all the way to paying for their rent or down payment on a home — you have plenty of company. But financial planners caution that your generosity may be unwittingly jeopardizing your retirement.
  • Financial Advisor Magazine : Clients Often Follow 'Money Scripts' They Learn As Children The lessons about money that your clients learned in childhood can haunt or help them years later, according to Molly Ward, a financial advisor who serves on the Elite Producer Group board at Equitable Advisors.
  • : I’m 25 & Ready To Invest For Retirement. Where Do I Start? The great thing about being in your mid-20s is you have 40-plus years to save for retirement. But how to do it right is tough to figure out when long-term planning is a nebulous concept. Add to that a younger generation’s skepticism about traditional retirement. Still, having long-term savings plans is critical.
  • : How To Actually Read Your Retirement Account Statements You probably have money invested in a 401(k) or IRA, but maybe you have no idea how to actually read your investment statements. There are a lot of confusing numbers and jargon that go into a portfolio. Here’s a handy guide to help you decode it.
  • : Want To Be More Financially Savvy This Year? Here Are 100 of the Best Budget Tips for 2020 1. “While dieting fads may come and go in 2020, one sure-fire way to stay on track with your budget this year is to implement a spending diet. Challenge yourself to go an entire month without ordering anything online, even from your favorite online food delivery site. To avoid temptation, delete your automatically saved credit card information from the shopping websites you frequently visit, and if that doesn’t do the trick, try to put your credit cards in a Tupperware container, pour water in and freeze them to resist overspending.” — Molly Ward, Equitable Advisor
  • : You’re the breadwinner in the relationship. Now what?
  • The Atlantic : When Tomorrow Becomes Today Retirement isn’t what it used to be—and now more than ever, it can be fraught with uncertainty. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be what you hope. We’re exploring the changing face of retirement, the challenges that come with tumultuous times, and what it takes to be prepared for what comes next.
  • This Financial Advisor Has 6 Pieces of Important Advice For Women Molly Ward is a Texas mother, wife and certified financial planner. With nearly three decades of financial planning experience, she focuses her practice on helping women achieve financial independence and live up to their financial potential. Here are six questions that we’ve gotten from women who read The Penny Hoarder — and Molly Ward’s answers.
  • The Penny Hoarder: How to Build a Winning Single Mom Budget (or Single Dad Budget) Raising a child — or children — is an incredibly rewarding experience. It can also be a very expensive one — and doing it alone can be a major source of financial stress. We spoke with three financial professionals — who have personally experienced life as a single parent — to get the best tips on how to budget and save money when raising children alone.
  • Seniors Are Traveling Again. How They’re Tackling the Tab. Molly Ward, a Certified Financial Planner at Well Lived Wealth in Houston, starts planning her clients’ retirement income about five years before they stop working.
  • How Millionaires Invest During a Bear Market: Learn What the Rich Do Molly Ward shares her thoughts on the lower stock prices.
  • Is Social Media Influencing Your Holiday Spending? Your social media scrolling could be having a major effect on your wallet. More than 1 in 4 Americans consider social media “very influential” on their spending habits, with 59% reporting that influencer posts have influenced them to make a purchase from social media, a recent Point survey found.

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