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We have unique expertise to help affluent women navigate their fears, goals and joys when it comes to their money.


First, take our Moneytudes quiz to learn more about your relationship with money. Many of us hold unconscious beliefs about money called money scripts, usually formed in childhood, which we may not even realize we hold but which shape our financial decisions and behavior. Understanding your unconscious beliefs will aid in the financial planning process. You may not identify with some of them at all or they seem foreign to you because you didn’t experience that script or messaging throughout your life experience.

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You will receive your results of the quiz with an in-depth explanation of each moneytude and the role it plays in your life and relationships. Attitudes aren’t static and can evolve.

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Trusted Financial Advisors

The Well Lived Wealth approach is holistic financial planning meaning the focus is on your overall financial wellness rather than one part, such as investments. Each service offered by Well Lived Wealth covers an area of life easily disrupted by life’s seasons – divorce, job loss, death, and disability. We’re here to provide insight and value to a client’s financial future specific to the individual and their unique circumstances.

Well Lived Wealth financial planners will offer strategies to help you reach your goals. These services include:

  • Lifetime wealth forecasting
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Funding
  • Tax-savings strategies
  • Life, Disability Income and Long-Term Care
  • Insurance needs assessment
  • Employer benefit program analysis including 401(k), deferred compensation, stock options, restricted stock units, NUA opportunities and stock concentration risk management
  • Investment asset allocation analysis
  • Estate planning strategies, including beneficiary designations, gift planning to family and charity and trust needs
  • Intergenerational wealth transfer
  • Income planning
  • Cash flow, budgeting and expense analysis, annuity analysis
  • Business Owner Buy Sell Insurance and Key Man (and Woman) Insurance
  • Divorce Financial Planning
  • Divorce Recovery Financial Planning
  • HENRY (High Earner, Not Rich Yet) Planning
  • Financial Coaching

During your meeting, be prepared to discuss your financial picture freely. Income sources, 401k, life insurance, disability income insurance, and debt are all part of your financial picture. This meeting should be seen as a conversation with a trusted financial advisor, someone who can help you reach your goals and beyond. The financial journey of an individual is just that, a journey with twists and turns. We want to prepare our clients for those twists and turns.

This meeting is a great time to ask questions about your current investment plan and tax strategies. If the market is not something you are familiar with but would like to learn more, we’re here to provide advice and clarity.

You will receive a visual map of your assets to better tell the story of you. This personalized plan will be updated as you make progress towards these goals. Each plan is customized to fit the clients’ needs.

Now What?

Well Lived Wealth Planners are available for questions. We recognize financial planning combined with a person’s history with their finances may be overwhelming at first but we are dedicated to our client’s success and goals.

Regular check in meetings are available to discuss life’s changes and keep you on track towards your goals.

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Who we work well with

  • Dog and Bird Lovers - Some even let their dog sit shotgun with the window down, ears flapping in the wind.
  • Optimistic and realistic lovers of the world with faith in the future.
  • People who want to plan with their life savings.
  • Peope who love their children and want to protect their future.
  • People who enjoy chips and guac on a patio.
  • People who believe most of all publicly traded companies will continue to earn profits.
  • People who understand speculative investing is speculation not opportunity.
  • People who believe in saving no matter their income level.
  • People who have patience during the events of the moment.
  • People who understand there is no stock market crystal ball.
  • People who understand risk – the risk of purchasing power eroding and the risk of a difficult season.

Glossary Terms

  • People who follow the Girls Scouts’ motto of “Be Prepared”.
  • Patient, disciplined investors.
  • People who want to get rich the old-fashioned way - by saving and living on less than they earn.
  • People who save and cover their risks so they can be truly free of financial worry.
  • People who have discipline with temptations of the “next hot thing”.
  • People who want to invest in what has always worked (high quality stocks).
  • People with healthy relationships with those closest to them - family, friends and self. The five people you chose to surround yourself with (including yourself and your spiritual source) are the most influential.
  • People who value planning, long term historical perspective of the stock market, behavioral coaching in rough market times.
  • People who seek out adventure.
  • People who love and connect with nature.

Who Aren't ideal clients

  • All Hat, No Cattle people = Big talk, No Action
  • People who don’t want to follow a plan with their life savings but rather react to the day’s current headline
  • Market timers - Market timing has proven not to work for several reasons and a big one is emotions; news of the world won’t really ever get better and bad news can always be found.

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