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Our Philosophy

Money and life are intertwined. That’s why we help women create a great relationship with their money.

“I have seen so many brilliant business women and hardworking moms change the course of their life and their family’s life by being proactive, thoughtfully and thoroughly prepared financially.”

- Molly Ward

Our Approach to Your Money

Well Lived Wealth is on the leading edge of finance, taking a holistic approach to your money. We focus on wealth management and goal based financial planning through five areas: tax efficient strategies, investment planning, insurance planning, income planning, and estate planning strategies. Our professionals meet clients where they are. We give recommendations in their language, not financial jargon, so it makes sense for them.

The idea of Well Lived Wealth was born from Molly Ward’s experience of seeing women frozen in fear, ill-prepared for what the next season of life has brought them – disability, job loss, divorce, or death. Disability claims include pregnancy, injuries, mental health issues, cancer, and other debilitating illnesses1.

The people you love are the most important. Money is simply an enabler to life and those relationships. When money is handled well with the ones you love, this is a perfect financial plan. We want you to look back on your money and say, "this was Well Lived Wealth".


The people you love are the most important. Money allows you to live your life with those who you love. We want you to look back on your money and say
This was Well Lived Wealth.

Why Us?

Why Us?

We are approachable and pride ourselves on our personalization. We look at the total picture, not one piece of it. You are not a number, but a human who deserves effective communication with a customized plan that is clear and humanized. We are experienced industry leaders with a market-niche presence. We help to create value in your financial life by providing behavioral coaching with clear paths and strategies for success by helping you mitigating risks all while providing guidance that grows your wealth.

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