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Well Lived Wealth offers a variety of planning strategies, divorce financial planning, investment advice and wealth management.

The goal of Well Lived Wealth financial advisors is to help our clients gain financial confidence. Our knowledgeable professionals have extensive experience to provide clients with insight on the market, the most appropriate options to protect you and your family, along with wealth building strategies.

Planning at Well Lived Wealth is not a one size fits all experience. We tailor each plan to the individual and their unique circumstances. When meeting with a Well Lived Wealth financial advisor, you will be given homework to learn more about you so each meeting is productive and focused on your goals.

The pricing structure below is for an annual engagement billed monthly. Our goal of this structure is providing advice and collaboration through ongoing communication.

Engagement Pricing Structure

Initial Consultation with a Well Lived Wealth Advisor – Complimentary

There is a one time $250 fee for Divorce Planning Introductory Meetings

Divorce Financial Planning (prior to divorce) - $3,000* for the following 2 meetings during divorce proceedings. *Subject to complexity

Divorce Financial Planning (after divorce) – Client can return for a monthly engagement after divorce is finalized, please see graph to tabulate pricing

New Client Engagement Pricing*

NET WORTH (not including home)

*Price subject to change upon income and net worth verification 

You may choose:

One Time Financial Plan: Your introductory meeting is at no charge. There will be 2 meetings following the introductory meeting, with a target completion of 2 months. The pricing is based on the grid above.

To continue with ongoing Financial Planning, (which most clients prefer): Consists of an ongoing relationship with us to keep you accountable towards your goals and course correct along the way. We start with the Financial Plan (pricing chart above) and the typical ongoing price for this is our Assets Under Advisement Investment Charge,

Annuities, Life Insurance, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance Pricing*

Initial Consultation with a Well Lived Wealth Advisor – Complimentary

Financial advisors at Well Lived Wealth shop the world of stable insurance and annuity companies. These companies have their own charging structure which will be communicated when this type of investment or product is recommended.

Well Lived Wealth Assets Under Advisement Investment Charge
Total AssetstoPricing
$1,000,001& Up1.0%

For more information on our annual engagement plan or fee structure, please contact us.

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*The purchase of insurance products (life, annuities, etc.) would be subject to additional costs, including commissions.

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