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We provide tools and expertise to manage and build a happy and healthy relationship with wealth.

Molly Ward has spoken extensively about holistic financial planning and the difficulty women face when a season of life changes. To learn more about Molly and how you may engage her for your next meeting, podcast or conference, please send a request to


  • “Independence & Permission for High Net Worth Independent Women”, Theta Wildcats Investment Club
  • “What Would Bridget Jones Do?”, NextGen Women’s Group- Houston Trust Company
  • “The Financial Side of Divorce”, Guide To Good Divorce
  • “The Birds and Bees of Money”, Newcomers and Neighbors of Greater Houston
  • “The Romance of Money; How does your behavior regarding money affect your relationships?”, Galentine’s Presentation
  • “Not just good to know, GREAT to know… about my money.”, Praeclarus Breakfast Club
  • “Women and Money: What is your relationship with money and how does your behavior regarding money affect your relationships?” The Menninger Clinic
  • “Financial Planning 101”, Brookstone Construction Company
  • “Financial Planning 101”, Jackson Ryan Architects
  • “Financial Planning, Life and Disability Protection and Stewardship”, St. Luke's United Methodist Church , Mom's Group
  • "Spending, Saving, Giving vs. Income", National Charity League
  • "Your Success Equation", Equitable Advisors, LLC LGBT Diversity Summit
  • Equitable Advisors, LLC Women’s Summit
  • Equitable Advisors, LLC 2010, 2016, 2019 State of the Branch
  • Equitable Advisors, LLC Elite Advisor Group
  • “Evolving Your Practice & Technology Integration”, 33rd Annual Agents Reinsurance Company (ARC) Meeting
  • “Why the Ultra Wealthy Have Life Insurance and Annuities”, Bernstein Asset Management
  • “Business Practices and The Use of Annuities”, Weinstein SPIRA CPA Firm
  • "The Financial Side of Divorce", Equitable Regents Reinsurance Company Shareholder & Best Practices Meeting


  • Moneytudes - Molly Ward provides insight to our earliest memories of money and how it can affect our relationships.
  • The Financial Side of Divorce - Molly Ward offers guidance on financial decisions around a divorce. You are not just going through it, you are going to GROW through it and be better, not bitter.
  • HENRY to HERO - Tate Lowe paints a picture of those who are High Earners Not Rich Yet and how to catapult them into High Earners Rich Officially.
  • State of the Markets - Molly and Tate explain how the previous and current quarters are being impacted by the stock market. 

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