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A “WIG” in our world is a “Wealthy Independent Gal”. The seasons of life require more preparation and planning than simply having a large amount in a bank account for a woman. Achieving financial independence and wealth is a milestone worth celebrating.

The security of wealth is not enough for a woman. Women are often the relationship glue and caretaker; her life seasons, job loss, disability from a long-term illness, divorce, and death of a spouse, seem to be more impactful to her finances. These seasons bring about much emotion and uncertainty and preparing for these can not only help bring peace of mind and sense of security but, can change the course of her life and her family’s life.

At Well Lived Wealth, our advisors focus on women and their particular needs for the future. Those include:

  • Lifetime wealth forecasting
  • Retirement Planning
  • Income Planning for the Financially Independent
  • Education Funding
  • Tax-savings strategies
  • Inherited Wealth Planning
  • Life, Disability Income and Long-Term Care Insurance needs assessment
  • Employer benefit program analysis including 401(k), deferred compensation, stock options, restricted stock units, NUA opportunities and stock concentration risk management
  • Investment asset allocation analysis
  • Estate planning strategies, including beneficiary designations, gift planning to family and charity, and trust needs (in conjunction with an estate attorney)

"What makes Well Lived Wealth special, and why we have so many women clients for the long-term, is our ability to help affluent women navigate their fears, goals and joys when it comes to their money."

Client Centered

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Well Lived Wealth Founder Molly Ward’s own journey and her personal goal of helping women live up to their financial potential is a unique focus in a sea of financial advisors. Molly’s specialty focus is WIGs; as a single mother she understands many of the challenges facing women when it comes to finances. To make an appointment with Molly to learn how she and Well Lived Wealth can help you protect yourself and your family’s financial future, click here.

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